Monday, August 29, 2011

Heineken - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

So, now you have a wife and kids, where to?

Well to the bar of course, But what to drink? There are lots of choices out there and how are you going to make such a difficult choice. Well with great advertisement. Heineken is a good choice

This commercial makes it seem like you too can be the life of a party. If you drink our beer, look what can happen. Great music, good friends, and most importantly, a good story. This is not your typical beer commercial with boobs and beers and sand. No this is much better. It shows a glimpse into a life that everyone can relate to in some way. Not because you lived it, though some of us have. No rather it brings you back to those innocent times when perhaps you saw your first bond film, or your first music concert. Or perhaps your college years where everyone knew you and you knew everyone, there was no party off limits and you where cool. Don’t you want to recapture that, just drink our beer.

The music is good, a Danish band called The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. This has been a major push for Heineken, and great publicity for the band, which has been collaborating together since March 2011. This commercial has been a great success, with over 4 million views on YouTube and countless more on the old fashion Television.

What is your favourite beer?

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