Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cell Phones, Minutes, Data, Oh My!

This is insane. People need to wake up and think about things before they just start to yell and scream.

They say that people in Canada pay more every month for cell phone bills, and it has a lot of extra fees and they are right. System access fee? Really, I mean really, it is there because it is a good way to make extra money, it should really be called we just want more money fee. Then they go and change it to Government regulatory recovery fee, which by the way if you check out certain providers website it specially says that this fee is NOT collected to pay the government or required by the government. So really, what is happening here? This is the only industry that says; hey the government is making me pay for my business licence, so I will pass that cost on to you in the form of a fee, but not really because it is not required or even really going to the fee.

Imagine you go to get some street meat and it is 2$, but then they tell you it is 2$+0.50$ street venders licensing fee, or you go to take a taxi and there is another fee on top of everything for their drivers licence and their taxi licence and extra cost for having lots of bags and more money to cover their gas cost. I mean really, would you take a taxi then, would you put up with it from any other industry. No you would not. It would be unthinkable for any other industry, well except maybe airlines... but that is another rant.

That being said, people need to get their act together. You got the 750$ cell phone for 99$ based on a contract that you signed. Complaining that it has been 6 months and you backed over your phone so now you want another one, and they say ok, that I s 750$, and you get mad. Why? You broke the phone, and you got the phone for a cheap cost and the company has not made their money back on your phone yet, and you want another 750$ phone for free. Are you on crack? Then they would be bankrupt. No other industry would do this, if you bought a car on loan then crashed it, you would not go back to the dealer and demand a new car at no cost.

They would laugh at you, and so would I.

People need to think smart, pay more for the phone up front, you will pay way more than 750$ for the phone over the 3 years you signed up for, than if you just paid for the phone and went with a cheaper plan. Then maybe there would be no hidden cost, or fees, or the need to lock you into a contract. Cheap phones have strings, you should try to remove as many as possible.

Think of cell companies as gas stations, you should buy the phone from the dealer, and simply go the station to fill up on minutes or texts or data. The only thing you should really be demanding from them is better coverage, or maybe a full service station, or the occasionally the window squeegee or car wash.

Never get into bed with any company that promises the moon, you may wake up in a tub, missing a kidney.