Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So with the Thanksgiving weekend closed, for us in Canada, I thought about what I am thankful for. Family, friends, and home. It has many meaning to many people. Home is where you come from for most. Some think of it as where your rump rests. Many others think of it as a place where you established yourself and your current identity, maybe where you spent the most of your time so far in your life, or maybe where you went to university or college. I think of home as somewhere safe and inviting, somewhere where i can close my eyes and be relaxed. Somewhere where everyone knows your name, and there are always glad you came.

A little part of me will always think of home as the place I am from, and while I no longer live there i often think of the Rock. Something you never get to experience while at home are tourist commercials about the place you are. So living away from the rock I have got to see many of these, and they are well done.

This is a great video, not just because I am a newfie, but because it make you feel like you would be relaxed and comfortable there, it has a homey quality to it. Places are named after people and events, but with names like Heart’s Content and Paradise why would you be anywhere else?

What do you call home, and what memories keep it safe in the vastness of your mind?