Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wednesdays Squalls

About god

I am not a theologian nor will I ever claim to be. However this notion that god is everywhere all the time seems a bit over the top. It seems to me that a better way to run things would not to be everywhere all
at once. Occam’s razor suggests that being everywhere all the time is neither easy nor efficient. The one thing nature and god as the creator of nature is efficient.
If he's doing everything then he's making my heart beat and your muscles work at the same time making the sun burn and the earth move. This would be an incredible waste of time for an all-powerful being.

It would.

As the creator of the cosmos would you like to spend your time making sure every creature got born ok, hearts worked fine, the sun kept burning? No neither would I.
It would make more sense to have god establish a set of rules to govern everything. As an all powerful being he would be able to create any rules he wished. Like the prime-minister making laws, CEO making rules, they are there to prevent micromanagement, you never see Steve jobs delivering a Mac. No he makes rules and delegates. As much as Steve would like to think so he's not smarter than god so why would god micromanage.

Therefore he created the rules of physics: let there be light.

The rules of biology: he made man from his rib.
The rules of earth sciences: and then he made the sea and the earth raised from it

The rules of science was born.

All we are doing is rediscovering that which he made. We were made in god’s image, and we ate the apple now all we have to do is learn. We must always remember though to keep the moral high ground. It is harder sometimes but there is never an advantage to give an inch. We draw a line in the sand for many things, science and religion should not be divided.

Science without religion is immoral. Religion without science is just stupid.

or as Einstein put it:

"Science without religion is lame, Religion without science is blind."

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