Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Wheels on the Bus

So I know it has been awhile since my last post, and this is something that needs to be corrected. As it turns out I am concerned about expressing myself and making sure not to sound too preachy and/or self-indulgent. Then I was told by a very wise family member that the whole point of a blog is just as such, those who want to know will, those who will get offended or bored will not.

Good Point.

As it turns out the new job that I have applied for is a government job, one that will lend itself to the pursuit of a sailing vessel. The Canadian Coast Guard is a great way to have a good career doing something interesting and challenging while working with people who share my passion. Like all government jobs it requires moving at the speed of the bureaucracy, which I am sure has tried to be measured by someone, but is probably still waiting for the results to come back.

I have applied via their “fast and convenient” website, as all public employees must, I was then told that they will process my request and forward it on to the hiring committee where it would sit for an unspecified amount of time until someone in the expanse known as government would get back to me. Well almost two months later and I finally have a response, I have been selected to do an assessment to determine if I qualify to do an interview, which will allow me to write a test to see if I will be able to do the training required to be able to do the job to which I have applied.

At least it is a move in the right direction, slowly but surely in the right direction.
My first test will have me tested in the following areas:

Arithmetic, 2+2 is still 5 right?

Checking, well will have to brush up on this, anyone for a game of chess?

Memory, what?

Coding, some of those bar codes use a lot of ink, bring pens!

Spatial reasoning, paper airplanes, check, paper boats, well it kind of floats!

Memory, no problem here

On a different note does anyone know why everyone engraves their wedding date on the inside of their wedding band? These areas all seem pretty straight forward. So off I go the see if I have what it takes.

The boat show this year was a pass, it was not filled with much in the way of new and improved, and there were many missing venues and boats, so all in all we did not miss much. Next year should be better. Until then we will just have to keep looking for something that fits us.

Long may your big jib draw


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